OkuloTec is proud to announce a multiyear partnership with THE PALIOXIS PROJECT.

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Randstad, NL - December 16, 2035 - OkuloTec has announced a new multiyear partnership deal with THE PALIOXIS PROJECT. Directed under the leadership of VoloGen Industries and Astronautics, THE PALIOXIS PROJECT will launch the first manned expedition to Mars in 2041. OkuloTec, a leading developer of holographic technologies and psychovisual apparatuses, will supply the Palioxis command shuttle with an array of volumetric console display interfaces and prototypal consumer electronic technologies. "We are tremendously excited to be working with VoloGen on what will surely be an historic moment for the human race," commented OkuloTec CEO, Eugene Mesman. "We want to assure that the chosen applicant will be supplied with the latest equipment and amenities for the six month journey to Mars." THE PALIOXIS PROJECT is currently conducting a worldwide search for the most competent individual to journey to Mars. More information about THE PALIOXIS PROJECT can be obtained at: www.palioxis.org.